finding the Sacred in the Ordinary...
A Journey Into the Liminal

The Story

I never planned on doing photography or working as an artist. The adventure began when I was on retreat at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, Ohio. Using a gift I had been given from one of the participants of a class I had taught at my parish, I had purchased a small camera that had a remarkable macro lens. On the retreat I first started to photograph.

One of God's gifts to me is "the eye" as well as an imagination that sees beauty in the ordinary. When I opened those first shots on my laptop, I recognized that the images created by themselves a liminal space or invitation for reflection. And, the question became, "What was I being asked to do?"

The original name for the work was "smallsmallacts" to suggest small acts of random kindness. All things have their time, and it was time to move on. As a name, “green lime arts” suggested something fresh. In one sense, lime green is a liminal between two colors and inviting a “second look.”

My hope is that the art created from my photography will lead one to more deeply realize the beauty within just as one has recognized the beauty presented in the individual piece. In whatever way each one understands the Divine Beauty, I hope each may find the connection that results in the healing of the world.

~Margaret Lois Jansen

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